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Updated 3/17/23 Today there is 1 property in SW Idaho listed by Realtors and for sale by auction.

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Need more information? How much should it go for and what is it worth? Ask me for the whole story on any of these properties and how each auction works. Some will take pre-auction offers.

Caution- Buying homes and real estate at live or internet auctions can expose you to risks not present in a typical purchase- see below. There are even higher risk types of auctions, which I do not track, such as trustee sale foreclosure auctions held at title companies.

Absolute or Undisclosed Minimum? There are many variations on live real estate auctions. Absolute means it will be sold regardless of price. Some auctions have set minimums disclosed in advance. Others have an undisclosed minimum, sometimes called a reserve- this means you could win the live auction, but not get the property because the winning bid is below what the seller will accept.

Pennies on the Dollar?
Some auctions are listed at a zero price, but don't be fooled. The housing market in Idaho has been just too strong and housing supply too tight to expect to steal a property for much less than market value. A home needing major rehab or serious issues resolved might be the exception.

Buyer's Premium Explained. Most live real estate auctions require the winning bidder to deposit 5% non-refundable earnest money upon winning. This 5% is added to the live bid price. For example, you bid $100,000 and the auctioneer says "Sold!" Then the buyer's premium is added and the actual sale price is $105,000. A wise bidder calculates this in advance to know their maximum live bid before the excitement starts.

Pros/cons of buying real estate at auctions:


  • Bargains! A great bargain outweighs all other concerns and you can't get one unless you are there, informed and prepared.
  • Fast Process. A small window to bid only for attendees can reduce your competition. No waiting for a seller to answer. And most auctions require you to close quickly in 30-45 days.

  • High-pressure Atmosphere. The ideal situation for a buyer is to have no competing offers for maximum bargaining power. Auctions encourage emotional heat-of-the-moment competition and reduce your bargaining power.
  • More Money At Risk. Many auctions require a large non-refundable deposit with no contingencies (inspection & financing)), while most normal purchases require smaller earnest money, usually refundable if you find major hidden defects or financing falls through.
  • Higher Risk For Buyers Getting Loans. The property must also qualify for your loan. If the appraisal comes in low or any repairs are required or you fail to qualify, you may lose your larger than normal deposit without the protection of a financing contingency. For this reason, as-is auctions are best-suited for cash buyers.
  • Highly Advertised. Don't expect to be the only one there. Most live real estate auctions are advertised months in advance. Many are listed in the MLS with a zero price, increasing exposure to buyers in all price ranges.

Who Is On Your Side? Not the auctioneer. The way agency works in Idaho, the listing agent can not fully represent you because they already work for the seller. Luckily, most auctions include a fee for a buyer's agent to represent you. Under Idaho law, your agent is required to disclose adverse material facts, work only in your best interest, perform the terms of your contract, account for all monies, keep everything confidential and protect you every step of the way.

Not all auction homes and real estate are listed for sale by Realtors in the MLS. The rest will likely be found on the websites of the following auctioneers: Live and internet auctions for homes and real estate nationwide. My favorite local auctioneer- very professional. Live auctions for local homes and real estate, storage liquidations, personal property, business equipment, estates, benefits and fund-raisers. Live auctions for local homes and real estate, moving sales, estate sales. Live auctions for Idaho homes and real estate. Live and internet auctions for homes and real estate nationwide.
HUD Homes are also sold by auction via closed bids. HUD gives home buyers priority over investors, will pay closing costs, and are priced to sell quickly. HUD bids include inspection and financing contingencies and smaller deposits.

Call me (208)866-3481 for more information and professional help on real estate auctions in Ada and Canyon counties including Boise, Meridian, Eagle Star, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton and smaller outlying cities.

Not just an agent, Dan Rowe is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Idaho and Realtor in good standing since 1991 and earned three designations; Accredited Buyer's Representative, Certified Residential Specialist and Graduate of Realtor Institute.

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